Whether you’re new to the area or a seasoned resident, all students who wish to receive transportation services must have a completed registration form, a school bus contract, an activity run form, and a photo permission form on file. We require annual registration and will not allow students to ride the bus until we receive the completed forms.

Why We Need Current Information

The information you provide us is very important for our office. Please be sure it’s always up to date so we can reach you in the event of an emergency. We also use the registration forms for enrollment numbers and accounting purposes. Chevelon Butte ESD receives state funding to pay our receiving school districts (Payson, Pine Strawberry, and Heber-Overgaard) for our students’ school tuition. By keeping an accurate student accounting, we can ensure we receive the appropriate funds.

School Registration

In addition to the CBESD registration packet, you will also need to complete the appropriate registration materials and provide required documentation (birth certificate, vaccination records, proof of residency, etc.) with the partner school your child will attend.