Chevelon Butte Elementary School District #5 provides safe and efficient transportation for elementary school students residing in the Blue Ridge and Forest Lakes communities. We serve a small (but very important!) segment of students by transporting them to cooperating school districts to ensure access to quality education for all children in our district. Receiving school districts include Payson Unified School District, Pine Strawberry School District #12, and Heber-Overgaard Unified School District.

A message from the superintendent

Dear Chevelon Butte Community,

Happy New Year to all our Chevelon Butte ESD Communities! We’re hoping you all have a prosperous 2024.

Next to safely transporting and supporting their families, supporting our CBESD communities is a very high priority for our governing board and staff. In Forest Lakes, we are working with The Final Mile Project to bring affordable, high-quality, community wi-fi. Working with the Blue Ridge Community Church, we were able to install a high quality three-bus metal building, which we will be happy to offer as a structure for church and community events. This project would not have been possible without the tireless, and I do mean tireless, efforts of our transportation director, David Burrows. David is an absolute credit to our district. Thanks to you, David and Angela. Again, thank you to our district communities.


Wes Brownfield

Wes Brownfield

A Message from CBESD

It should never be difficult to get our young people to school—even if we live in a rural area with a small school-age population. CBESD exists to encourage lifelong learning by ensuring that every child has access to quality schools. We know consistent attendance is a key component to scholastic success. As such, we have created partnerships with neighboring schools known for providing quality curriculum and programs, and we are committed to providing safe and reliable transportation to these cooperating schools.

We are honored to also be your partner in education. We firmly believe that education opens doors, and we are grateful for our role in helping the rising generation achieve their academic goals.